Pediatric Dentistry

A fun exciting place to treat your child's dental needs!

Our mission is to give all children a positive memorable experience. We take pride in educating children in their dental health, in an atmosphere that is both warm and welcoming, embracing their specific needs and personalities. The kids look forward to the view of the atrium that include exotic birds and kio fish. We are also happy to announce our new mascot, Miss Flossy. Miss Flossy is an Eclectus Parrot and now the newest member of our Rainforest Dental family.

Preventative Dentistry for Children

We take a preventative approach to dental care. Beginning with a child's first visit to the dentist, our goal is to build a foundation for patients to achieve healthy smiles that last a lifetime. Through regular dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants, we strive to prevent the onset, progress, and recurrence of common dental problems.</p?

How Do I Prevent Cavities?

Good oral hygiene removes bacteria and the leftover food particles that combine to create cavities. For infants, use a wet gauze or clean washcloth to wipe the plaque from teeth and gums. Avoid putting your child to bed with a bottle filled with anything other than water. For older children, brush their teeth at least twice a day. Also, watch the number of snacks containing sugar that you give your children. Dental check-ups should start at three month of age and children should be examined every six month. We look forward to being part of your children's dental care throughout each stage of their dental development.

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"Due to family circumstances, starting November 1st 2023, Dr. Deeb Alrihani will no longer be available at our Baytown location. All pediatric treatment will be referred to him at our Deer Park location."